DIY Faux Terrazzo - Handmade Christmas Gift Idea!

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Handmade Christmas gifts aren't for everyone but sometimes they're just perfect. We were headed to a Holiday party last weekend and I had the urge to make something as the hostess gift, something different than the traditional gift card or bottle of wine. I've been loving the terrazzo trend lately and I have a feeling it's going to be big in 2019 so I thought I'd try to make a DIY faux terrazzo planter and plate as a unique handmade Christmas gift. I love the way it turned out so much I'm going to make some for myself.

Krylon Canada partnered with me on this project, it is my fourth DIY with Krylon highlighting their Tiffany Pratt Collections, you may have caught my paint dipped foyer basket from the Spring or my DIY Outdoor Chandelier from the Summer and my spray painted pampas grass from the Fall. This time we're highlighting the fun colours in the Winter Collection.

DIY faux terrazzo-1

DIY faux terrazzo 2

I picked up a white dish and a planter from the thrift store. I tried to find ones that were all white and had rounded corners (no reason I just like that look).

DIY faux terrazzo 2

While we saw hints of terrazzo in 2018 I think it's going to be really big in 2019 so I decided try my hand at some faux terrazzo marble using the Krylon Spray paints from their Winter Collection; Brilliant Silver, Brilliant Gold, black and New Penny. I started by cleaning and priming both pieces. Then I covered both pieces in painters tape and used an exact-o-knife to cut some triangular holes in the tape. Then I sprayed the first colour and let it dry. Then I repeated the same process for every colour because I wanted the colours to overlap. Finally I sprayed on a clear finishing coat.

DIY faux terrazzo 3

I love the way this faux terrazzo look turned out. I'm thinking I might use it for a side table in the new year.

DIY faux terrazzo 8a

DIY faux terrazzo 7

DIY faux terrazzo 8

DIY faux terrazzo 9

If you have a spray painting project in the works be sure to post a pic of your final project to Instagram and tag #mykrylondiy and myself @harlowandthistle . I look forward to checking them out!

This post is in collaboration with Krylon Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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