Spray Painted Paint Dipped Basket

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Looking for an easy way to create a paint dipped basket without the mess? Try using spray paint. It doesn't require a vat of paint so you don't have to worry about knocking it over. Plus, spray paint dries a lot faster than regular paint so you can complete this paint dipped basket DIY in as little as an hour.

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint

Krylon Canada recently announced the Tiffany Pratt X Krylon Spring Colour Collection and I've partnered with them to update a forgotten item in my home.


Like an audience member at the Marilyn Denis show this wicker basket was secretly hoping for it's chance at a makeover. It usually sits in our front foyer as a catch-all for shoes and stuff so I felt a paint dipped look would jazz it up while keeping it functional.

Here are the items I used to give my wicker basket a paint dipped look: Krylon Ballet Slipper Spray Paint, Kylon Primer, a wicker basket, painter's tape, yarn, scissors and hot glue.

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint - items needed

I started by taping off the area I wanted to paint. Then I spray painted the area with Krylon Primer (this is such an important step especially for lighter tones). After the primer was dry (about 15 min) I sprayed the Krylon Ballet Slipper pink. It is such a soft and pretty pink that pairs perfectly with wicker.

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint

Next I fashioned me some pom-poms (because well pom-poms). The instructions for these DIY pom-poms are available in one of my older post but here's a quick recap: Wrap yarn around your hand approx 50 times, pull the bundle off your hand and tie a piece of yarn around the middle, cut all the loops on each side of the knot and trim accordingly.

DIY pom-poms

I used hot glue to attach the pom-poms to the basket and that's it, a faux paint-dipped basket without the mess or long dry times (seriously you could get this done in an hour).

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint

DIY Paint Dipped Basket with Spray Paint

There's nothing quite like giving new life to something you've owned for awhile. Do you have any baskets at home waiting for a makeover? If you try it I'd love to see it! Post a pic on IG and tag #mykrylondiy and myself @harlowandthistle . I look forward to checking them out!

This post is in collaboration with Krylon Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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