DIY Holiday Ornament / Party Favour

by - 21:40:00

This is a cute DIY party favour, hostess gift or ornament for your own Christmas tree. Note, two key learnings; (i) Buy toothpicks with one flat end and (ii) Spray paint the ornament from far away to avoid melting the Styrofoam.

First paint the balls black.
Adhere a piece of fishing line with a glue gun (this will be the ornament hook)
Dab the ends of the toothpicks in white glue and stick them into the Styrofoam ball.
Spray paint the ornament black (lightly and from far away - so the ball doesn't scream "I'm melting!")
Then spray on the gold (lightly and from far away - so the ball...ah you know the drill)
Not all DIYs turn out as planned. This one looked more like a sea urchin than a cute ornament - in the words of my son "bummer". So I decided to clip the ends off the toothpicks. It was much better.
Still a bit sea urchin'ish but way cuter!
Fun, light-weight and cute.

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  1. I love this! The end result is fabulous. No one would guess those are toothpicks! Great idea.