DIY Pipe Shelf

by - 06:11:00

I made this little pipe bookshelf for my son's room. It's rustic, functional and masculine - which is good because the accent wall in my son's room is slightly pink (long story... okay here it is short - we didn't know the gender of my son, I repainted the nursery 3 times, my husband put his foot down and we ended up with some sort of pukey taupe - isn't wall colour fun?) I digress. Here is the DIY for a cute little pipe shelf. Enjoy!

I hung it low so he could reach and the round edges of the pipe prevent him from hurting himself. However make sure you hang it securely as the pipe can be quite heavy.
Oh yes, one other thing, be sure to wash the pipe with dish soap prior to putting the shelf together. I learned this the hard way : )

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