DIY Floral Chandelier

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Wedding centerpieces have always inspired me and I would get married again (to the same guy) if that meant I could make more centerpieces. Actually one of the first things pinned from my blog was my DIY Wedding Centerpiece so naturally I was super excited when the Modern Handmade Home blogger series partnered up with FloraCraft to create some easy DIY flower arrangements. I decided to make this pretty DIY Floral Chandelier because I thought it would make a lovely hanging centerpiece for a wedding, shower or patio party and it's super easy to arrange.


Here are the things I used to make this DIY Floral Chandelier:


1. FloraCraft Wet Foam Blocks
2. FloraCraft Spanish Moss
3. FloraCraft Floral Tape
4. Floral Craft Floral Pins
5. Hanging Planters from the dollar store (x4)
6. A bouquet of flowers 

First I prepared my wet foam. I filled up a large bowl with water and then placed the foam on top. There is a common misconception that you have to hold down the foam in the water for it to absorb but this creates bubbles in the foam and makes it less effective. FloraCraft recommends placing the foam on top of the water and letting it absorb naturally (it usually takes two or three minutes). Then you can take it out of the water and slice it with a knife like butter.


Next I wired my two planters together to create a metal ball (I left the top open so I could build the arrangement inside). For my arrangement I used about a quarter of the wet foam. I put some Spanish moss under it so it wouldn't split on the metal and used floral tape to secure it inside the metal ball.


Then I used the floral pins to adhere the Spanish moss to the wet foam.


I then cut and inserted my flowers into the wet foam until I got the look I was going for. I closed up the metal sphere and inserted a few more long stem greens through the holes.



I love the way these DIY floral chandeliers turned out and I could see them being used as a unique hanging centerpiece at any wedding, shower or patio party.





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This post is in partnership with FloraCraft. All expressed opinions are my own.

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