Buffalo Plaid Cake in a Jar: A Unique Christmas Treat

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Admittedly I'm not much of a baker. The thought of baking a whole wack load of Christmas goodies scares me. This year I thought I'd dip my toe into Christmas baking with something familiar - cake.  Funny story, the first birthday I celebrated with my husband I baked him a cake from scratch (with a little help from my best friend). The cake was delicious but as it turns out my husband's not really into birthday cake, something I learned years later. Anyway, since I know how to make cake from scratch I thought a Buffalo Plaid Cake in a Jar would be a nice unique Christmas treat for our neighbours and friends (hmm I suppose not really for my husband but oh well). As part of the Modern Handmade home series we've partnered with Kitchen Stuff Plus to share with you some baking and gift ideas below.  

This is me at the beginning of the process - I wore heels because I was anxious. Everyone bakes in heels right?  Psst, that cute little buffalo plaid apron and those festive oven mitts are from Kitchen Stuff Plus!


I got all my supplies from Kitchen Stuff Plus, measuring cups, bowls, whisks, measuring spoons and some awesome holiday tea-towels


Okay, so to start I made three very basic cakes (2 white and 1 chocolate). I followed a recipe online because I'm no where near the level of creating my own recipe.


I left one cake white, added a very small amount of black food colouring to the other white cake and a very small amount of black food colouring to the chocolate cake. I really don't like the taste of food colouring (it gives me migraines) which is why I decided to make a black and white buffalo plaid cake in a jar rather than a red and black lumber jack plaid cake (required too much food colouring).

I poured the cake batter into three greased baking sheets from Kitchen Stuff Plus. 


Once they were done I took them out of the oven and let them rest on a cooling rack.  Then I used some circle cookie cutters (you could also use the lid of the mini mason jar) and cut the cakes into a bunch of small circles. To assemble the buffalo plaid cake in a jar, I followed the pattern below. I used a measuring spoon to press the cake down on each layer and I applied a thin coat of icing between each layer for taste and to hold it together (I was careful not to put too much as I didn't want it oozing out the sides).




On the top of the cake I iced it with a fair bit of icing and then closed the mason jar lid.



buffalo plaid cake in a jar

Then I used some cheese cloth, twine and some cute dessert forks I got from Kitchen Stuff Plus and decorated the top of the mason jar.



I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the way these turned out so I decided to deliver a few to some neighbours and serve some to friends at a little festive gathering.


buffalo plaid cake in a jar



I put this nice buffalo plaid table runner and some ornaments from Kitchen Stuff Plus on my table for decoration. It was just enough.


I also decided to have a small gift just in case we play a game or something. I picked up these great gold cheese knives from Kitchen Stuff Plus and decided to wrap them in the left over cheese cloth and twine - I added a Christmas Tree ornament as a bow.


Kitchen Stuff Plus not only has everything you need to be a baking super star, they also have the widest assortment of Holiday Ornaments I've ever seen; some cute, some traditional, some for the kids, the list goes on and on. Plus they have a BOGO going on right now! I love how cute these ones look on my little tree.



Well I'm all set for our Holiday gathering! Time to relax! Happy Holidays!

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This post is in partnership with Kitchen Stuff Plus. All expressed opinions are my own.


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