DIY Outdoor Chandelier

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Have you ever pick something up from the thrift store and forget to use it for years? That's what happened with this DIY Outdoor Chandelier. I had purchased these hanging lamps from a thrift store a few years back knowing I would use them someday (probably for my patio). When my husband and I planned our first lobster dinner party  this summer I knew these lamp shades would make the perfect outdoor chandeliers.

I've been thrilled to partner with Krylon Canada on a few projects this year, you may have caught my Spring Collection project where I spray painted my foyer baskets. So I was excited to spray paint these metal frames with the Krylon Summer Collection.

I pulled out my thrift store find from storage in all it's budwiser goodness. I imagine in their day they were an original DIY project to hang over someone's basement pool table. I could tell they were hand made because they were hand sewn and the wiring was questionable (one was plug-in and one was hard-wired).

After removing the budwiser material (which appeared to be a pillow case) I used some pliers to remove the electrical. Side note, I do secretly love these globe bulbs.

I selected Satin Ivory from the Tiffany Pratt X Krylon Summer Collection for the lamp shades. I started by priming the metal frame shades. It was a bit tricky to spray paint the thin wire and I felt like most of the paint landed on the ground. I found picking them up and rotating them (with drying in between) helped cover all the nooks and crannies. Finally I finished them off with a coat of Satin Ivory.

Then I grabbed some nautical type rope and tied it to the top of the metal shade.

Next I hung a candle holder from Kitchen Stuff Plus in the center of the shade using the same nautical rope.

That was it. A simple DIY Outdoor Chandelier project. I have a feeling I will be using the lamp shades for many more projects in the future. Luckily spray painting them is so easy and fun I can change out the colour whenever the mood strikes.

Our lobster dinner was amazing - you can read all about the set-up here. And by the way, if you have a spray painting project in the works be sure to post a pic of your final project to Instagram and tag #mykrylondiy and myself @harlowandthistle . I look forward to checking them out!

This post is in collaboration with Krylon Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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  1. I honestly get such a dreamy enchanted vibe from these chandeliers. Love love love!