Tripod Floor Lamp 5 Ways

Amidst all all my One Room Challenge projects, I received a fun (and fast) delivery from Bouclair. My Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp arrived! It was even cuter in person than I pictured online.

I originally purchased this lamp for my office but since my office is currently under renovations my new lamp baby has been hopping around the house. Enter new problem...It looks good everywhere! It can literally work in any room in my home. So, now I need to decide where I like it best and do I need another one lol. Check out the different spots below and let me know where you think it looks best?

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First stop, my basement, I don't often show this room because it's not 100% complete but I love the way the Bouclair tripod floor lamp adds an airy touch to the space.


Next we'll go upstairs, here the Bouclair Tripod lamp found a great little spot beside my son's reading chair. Although I can picture toys being flung at the lamp any moment.


Okay, well how about the other kids room? Yep, the Bouclair Tripod lamp looks good here too - although same problem with the potential toy target practice.


Okay, so next the Bouclair Tripod lamp found a cozy nook in our family room (one of my favourite rooms in our home). I love the way the shade adds some much needed contrast to the log wall.


How about the living room? Yep, it looks beautiful here as well. Sheesh, this is going to be tough.


I think in the end my new Bouclair Tripod floor lamp will end up in my office as planned. Stay tuned to the blog for my One Room Challenge week 3 post where I finish up this amazing wall stencil.


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This post is in collaboration with Bouclair. All expressed opinions are my own.

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