National Home Show Review

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My husband had Friday off so we decided to head down to the National Home Show in Toronto (running March 10th to 19th at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place). Our main reason for visiting the show was to gather info and inspo for our upcoming patio renovation. Here's a quick rundown of some of the things I found interesting.

1. Best Buy Canada - Smart Home Solutions & Furniture!
Funny story, with all the great technology in this booth (everything from a Smart picture frame to a Samsung Smart fridge) my son was enamored with the wooden backgammon set on the coffee table. I couldn't get him to put it down. It got to the point that I told people he was part of the display and then joked that he was a robot or more appropriately a "Smart boy" (which he is...most of the time).

All jokes aside, this booth was by far the winner. Not only did the amazing Christine Dovey design it but I was blown away by all the cool stuff Best Buy has in store - including furniture! Yes, my friends, Best Buy Canada now carries furniture for your whole home not just your media room.

2. Canada Blooms
This section was very cool. It seems they were running a Canada them garden competition. The lights on this display set my hamster wheel in motion. We are definitely adding these lights to our patio.

My son found this amazing little man-made pond and gave it the thumbs up.

3. Arctic Spas
What's more inspiring then a hot tub? It's number one on our patio renovation list - actually my husband could care less about everything else. I especially liked the cedar surround on this Arctic Spa. I was told that cedar is great to keep mosquitoes away, who knew?

4. ard outdoor
I checked ard outdoor furniture company at the Interior Design show and loved their greenery dividers. They have so much on display at the National Home show it's hard not to be drawn in. I'm loving this set.

5. Enrich It Woodworks Inc.
Not outdoor living but I was in love with Enrich it Woodworks Inc. booth. The library ladder!? need I say more.

That's my round-up! There's so much more to see but those are my faves (mainly for my patio renovation).

Oh, and we ran into a Mountie at the Lowes booth which made my son's day (even though he was scared of him like Santa).

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  1. Christine's Best Buy booth design blows me away. That marble wallpaper is crazy cool! And the library ladder - yes please!

    1. I know right!? I wanted to move in lol. Can you believe Best Buy sells furniture now? It's worth a look.