DIY Wood Veneer Art Project

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You know how I sometimes say "guys this one was super easy" or "seriously you can make this in an hour" well not with this puppy. This DIY wood veneer wall art was tricky and I'm not sure it saved me any time from a full wood slat wall art. In any case, this DIY wood veneer wall art project was fun to try and in the end I really like the way the herringbone 'ish design turned out.

If you're crazy enough to try this one, here are the things you'll need: Veneer (mine was pine), canvas, paint brush, black and white paint, pencil, black marker scissors, iron, Minwax Wood Stain clothes,

 First start by drawing a rough template on your canvas. Trace out each piece of veneer and cut the accordingly.

 Label each piece and mark the corresponding label on the canvas.

Trace the pencil template with a black marker. You do this so the space between each piece of veneer is black.

Phewf, still with me? Now you can begin to iron on the pieces of wood veneer. Follow the instructions on the package. Basically, use a hot dry iron, press firm, make small circles.

Next, stain the veneer with the Minwax wood stain clothes - I've used these on other projects and I really like them. Be careful to not get stain in spaces between the veneer - if you do just use a folded wet paper towel to get it out.

Okay, almost done. Next, tape off a few pieces of veneer and paint them black and white.

That's it! So cute - and time consuming, lol, but worth every minute.

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