DIY Lampshade Plant Stand

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In honour of the first day of spring (a day late), here is a cute little upcycling idea to turn your old lampshades into patio plant stands. As I'm writing this post I'm looking out a snowy window so I realize a patio plant stand might not be on your radar right now. The spring flowers have got to be right around the corner right? Bueller...? Well in any case, perhaps this DIY Lampshade Plant Stand might help them along.

Pick up some lampshades from the thrift store. Look for ones with wire within the shade (some don't and will not work for this project), also, try to look for different sizes, heights and shapes. Here are the other things you'll need; scissors, black spray paint and some pots with flowers (I have to wait a few more weeks for my flowers).

  Start by cutting the fabric off the lampshade. It can be glued on pretty tight so keep working it.

Remove the metal attachment inside the lampshade. Give it a few twists and tugs, it should come off without wire cutters. Be a little careful though my square shade broke at this stage.

Spray paint the wire frame black (I used Krylon Spray Paint).

Place some terracotta pots inside the wire lampshade. That's it.

I can't wait to put these on my outdoor patio or even as a centerpiece on my patio table.

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