How to style a bookcase

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I've never actually thought about the steps I take when styling a bookcase, it's usually just a feeling and some trial and error. When I thought about the process I used in decorating my new shelving unit I realized there was a method to my madness. So here's a sneak peak into my hamster wheel, these are my 5 easy steps I take when styling a bookshelf
PS - I had to incorporate the big black box that is my cable/internet ugh.

1. Shop your home and lay it all out
Shopping my home is one of my favourite things to do, giving life to old stuff without adding burn holes to my wallet. When preparing to decorate your bookshelf I suggest you lay everything out on  so you can see it. It's also a nice idea to place similar things together eg books, glass, frames, trinkets etc so their easy to grab and distribute evenly.

2. Imagine a grid
This isn't always required but I find it helps break-down the task. If your bookcase is narrow you probably don't need to do this. Using an imaginary grid let's you easily style each square separately without being overwhelmed with the overall look. It's not to say that you can't have something span the entire width of one shelf, this just gives you guide to manage your negative space.

3. Start with the books
This seems to be a standard step in styling. I like to start with book because they are solid and anchor the space. Play with them horizontal and vertical. Set some aside for later to add height to other items.

4. Add the trinkets, frames and foliage
Group things of different heights and place them on the shelf according to your grid. Pepper your accent colour throughout the shelf evenly. Which brings me to Step 5...

5. Step back, look, adjust
To be honest I think I live in the perpetual state of step 5, I'm constantly walking by the shelves in my home and tweaking the styling (am I alone on this one?).

That's it. I hope these steps will help you in decorating your bookcase or floating shelves. The same steps can be taken if you are styling a bookcase without books (but of course you'll have to skip step 3) just use some wooden boxes or square candle holders to anchor the shelf.

PSS - I still don't like the TV stuff but it was the best I could do. Hmm, maybe we should get rid of cable (don't tell my husband lol).

Thanks for reading. Happy Styling!

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I totally agree with you and also shop my home. It's like having new things all of a sudden. Love how you styled this book case!