DIY Tie for a Tutu & Tie Birthday

As promised, here is the DIY for the Tie portion of the "Tutu & Tie" Birthday party theme. Click here to see directions for the Tutu.
Please keep in mind, this DIY is for a quick and easy neck tie, it's a simple way to create a bunch "no-sew" neck ties. It is not meant to be used for special occasions etc. 
Here are the things you'll need:
Note - be sure to get a high quality/heavier ribbon otherwise it will curl (also, you might need clear nail polish, I'll explain later)
 Cut the ribbon into approx 2.5 ft strips (maybe even a bit bigger).
 Tie the ribbon around your own neck as you would a tie. Click here to learn how to tie a tie.
After you've tied the ribbon, either gently pull it over your head and cut the back in half or get someone to cut the back in half while you're still wearing it.
Next, cut the bottom of the tie into a V (similar to a real neck tie). Use clear nail polish to seal the edges where you cut so the ribbon doesn't fray.
 Glue a few spots inside the knot to secure it.
Glue the Velcro circles on either side of the back of the tie. Note, be sure to glue the scratchy half facing outwards so it doesn't scratch the back of the child's neck.
 Here is the finished product. How cute would this look all hanging in a row as the guests arrive.
 "I’m looking at the WENUS and I’m not happy!"
(a little Friends reference, lol)

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