DIY Tutu for a Tutu & Tie Birthday

I recently learned of a new birthday party theme - the Tutu & Tie Theme - and I love it! These Tutu's are so fun and surprisingly easy to do, which makes it great to make one for each guest. Plus, they are virtually no sew. Stay tuned for my next post where I will provide a DIY Tie tutorial.
Here are the things you'll need to create this cute Tutu:
 Quickly hand stitch the elastic together (or tie a knot if you're not into sewing).
 Cut the Tulle into equal strips (about a foot and half each).
 Here is my pile of cut tulle. I used the whole roll.
 Fold one strip of tulle in half and slip it behind the elastic.
 Pull the bottom strips of tulle through the loop of tulle at the top.
 Pull it tight.
 Repeat the same process all the way around the elastic.
Here is the finished product.
Also, don't forget to check out my "Tutu and Tie Birthday Party" invites on my Etsy store:

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  1. Love it! AND, I can do that. Thank you!

    1. For sure! It's super easy. Thanks for the comment : )