DIY EAT Chalkboard Sign/ Grocery List

I had an adhesive chalkboard leftover from when I took weekly pregnancy photos (I might do a post on this in the future, not sure). Anyway, I wanted to use the chalkboard in a new and useful way so I thought I would put it on the fridge and use it as a grocery list (I just take a picture of it on my phone when I go to the grocery store). 
Here are the things you'll need:
- Note, you can get an adhesive chalkboard here and it is very important that you use water-based Sharpie Paint Markers as they are the most vivid and erase quickly with Windex.
First, cut your adhesive chalkboard to suit the size of your fridge. 
Next, use your Sharpie Paint Marker to draw the EAT sign. You can use a ruler. 
Here is the finished product. Remember, you can redo this if you make a mistake or want a change down the road. Simply wash off the paint marker with Windex and a paper towel.

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