DIY Halloween Party Ideas

As background, Halloween is my favourite holiday. Since my husband knows my love of Halloween he agreed to have a Halloween Engagement party back in 2010. It was so fun! The theme was BeetleJuice and we had a blast.

Here is a pic of our homemade costumes - Lydia and Beetlejuice
 We covered the walls in garbage bags and used white paint and white tape to create striped sandworms.
The food was the best part. Shrimp cocktail just like the movie.
This dead-man dip was super easy and looks great. I bought the skeleton from the dollar store, washed it and cut it in half. Hallowed a small bread loaf and filled it with spinach dip
 This is your generic taco dip but I love the sour cream spider web. Put sour cream in a zip lock back and cut off one of the bottom corners. This creates a quick and easy piping tool.
This punch was delicous and scary. I made the face by putting water in a mask and freezing it. I love how the grapefruit slices pop.

 These white Jack-o-lanterns are so easy. I just painted them completely - no cutting required.
Coming up next, our 2011 costumes - stay tuned : )


Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm a Momma, a Designer and a hopeless DIY'er. I love finding ways to achieve a lux look for less.

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