DIY Wedding Veil

In my head I really wanted to have two dresses (one for the ceremony and one for the reception) but the cost and impracticability of the idea changed my mind. So, alternatively, I decided to have two veils (one for the ceremony and one for the reception). Here is a pic of my ceremony veil (cathedral length):
 For my reception veil I wanted something fun and easy. I found this really great pom veil in a bridal shop but it ran upwards of $100 (way too much). I then checked out my favourite online marketplace, Esty, and found this great pom veil below. Unfortunately, because I left it to the last minute (ie less than a week) the store didn't have enough time to ship it to me : ( So I had to get creative.
 I had a roll of tulle my friend had given me so I rolled out a bunch, looped it in a figure-eight pattern and cinched it in the middle with some thread. Followed that up by hand-sewing it to a hair comb/clip. And, voila, here is the finished product (love):


Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm a Momma, a Designer and a hopeless DIY'er. I love finding ways to achieve a lux look for less.

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