DIY Swiffer & Mud Girl Costume

by - 15:25:00

So after our wedding I was worried all my creative juices had run dry. Nothing like Halloween to quickly rejuvenate the hamster wheel. After watching those "What about Love?!" Swiffer commercials for the millionth time I finally got inspired to make them our Halloween costume.

Here is a shot of my Husband as the Swiffer, sweeping Mud Girl (me) off her feet. The Swiffer was really easy to make. I used cardboard for the base, an actual Swiffer for the rod and a wallpaper water container for the middle. I painted it green and used packing tape over top to give it a shiny look. The front was really cool. We used some light cotton batting from the dollar store (I think it was for Christmas) and bubble wrap which we glued to the front and spray painted white.

Here is my inspiration for Mud Girl

But how to make a dress out of mud without actually using mud. Let me introduce you to my favourite Halloween costume material "Great Stuff". It is foam insultator that expands when you spray it. I sprayed it over an old dress, some earrings and an old pair of sunglasses. Once dry I spraypainted the whold thing brown. Must caution users to wear gloves - this stuff is great but serious. Also, it hardens pretty solid so make sure you fill your dress with a form beforehand so you can get into it after it's dry.

Here is the final product.

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