2021 Interior Design Trends

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Are we all happy to be done with 2020? Last year brought us a lot of change, uncertainty and expanded our definition of "home". With many of us working remotely, the home became more than just a roof over our head, it became our safe haven, our all inclusive vacation, our daycare and workspace. This change in lifestyle also made us look at how our homes function and how they make us feel. We realized what works, what doesn’t and the impact it can have on our life overall. The ripple of 2020 will be felt for years to come so let's look at how this ripple will impact interior design trends in 2021:

2021 Interior Design TrendsPlaster Side Table: Oken House Studios
1. Home Office Expanded & Evolved 
Kids doing school from home, parents doing work from home and all that's in between. Our home office has expanded and evolved and this trend will continue in 2021. Whether that be a coffee bar in the living room or a hidden office larder in the kitchen our home office will never be the same.

2021 Interior Design Trends
Design: EyeSwoon 
2. Japandi 
Japandi is a hybrid of Japanese aesthetic and Scandinavian decor. Picture minimal Scandinavian design meets art deco Japanese elegance and voila you have Japandi. This interior design mashup of two classic design styles is turning heads in 2021.

3. Fluted & Ribbed 
Whether it's a wall or a fireplace or any other surface, we're seeing ribbed fluted walls taking the Interior design world by storm. In fact, the fluted wall treatment is being coined "the New Shiplap". We're just waiting for an affordable paneling option to come to market so we can reduce the tedious installation of individual half round molding. Keep your eye out of this trend, it will be around for awhile. 

2021 Interior Design Trends

Design: Jae Joo Designs | Photography: Nick Glimenakis

2021 Interior Design TrendsContractor: Superstrata | Design: Sarah Bartholomew Design  

4. Clouded, Pleated and Coned
Oversized impact lighting will continue to be a trend in 2021. We're specifically loving anything clouded, pleated or coned. Playing off the Japandi theme, the large cone shades are soothing and dramatic. If you'd like to try this trend look to switch out a boring lamp shade with a large pleated shade this year.
5. Chartreuse  
Somewhere between green and yellow you'll find Chartreuse. You may remember it from the 1960's fridges (ah hem, so I've seen in photos). We love seeing it paired with navy or mixed with greens or boldly living on it's own. Look out for this micro colour trend hitting the scene in 2021.

2021 Interior Design Trends
Design: Joel Bray | Photographer: Valerie Wilcox

Interior Design is a wonderful space full of unexpected twists and turns. We can't wait to see how 2021 unfolds.

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