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Plaster brings back memories of my days in Art class, creating molds, casting them and revealing the outcome a few days later. Unlike my bubble filled sculptures from Art class Plaster is having a potentially long lasting moment in Interior design. The crisp white colour adds to a minimalist look yet the dusty soft texture still keeps things warm. Plaster can take your space from California cool to Scandi chic and back again. We're especially loving plaster furniture, plaster accessories and plaster wall treatments. Here are some examples of this plaster trend alert:

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1

Plaster Furniture and Accessories:

Oken House Studios is a California-based shop that makes one of a kind hand crafted plaster decor items. Everything from tables to vases and even fish.

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1Plaster Side Table: Oken House Studios | Photo: Naber Design  

Trend alert-plaster-harlow-and-thistlePlaster Side Table: Oken House Studios 

Plaster Wall Coverings and Fireplaces:

Based out of Brooklyn, New York Nevado Plaster USA are the plaster molding experts who are taking plaster molds to the next level. Their scalloped, ribbed and fluted plaster wall coverings are a favourite of ours but that's just the tip of the iceberg of what they can do.

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1Plaster Molding: Nevado Plaster USA

Plaster Molding: Nevado Plaster USA

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1Fluted Plaster Walls: Superstrata | Design: Sarah Bartholomew Design 

Trend Alert_Plaster_harlow-and-thistle-1Design: Jae Joo Designs | Photography: Nick Glimenakis

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