Outdoor Thanksgiving Essentials: During Social Distancing

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On our run the other morning, my husband and I ran past a house with a decorated carport tent on their driveway. I immediately knew it was set up for an outdoor thanksgiving. What a brilliant idea! So, thanks to my unknown neighbourhood muse, I've decided to pull together some outdoor Thanksgiving essentials during social distancing. 

Outdoor Thanksgiving Essentials: During social distancing

#1. Carport Tent: As mentioned above a carport tent is a great way to celebrate the holidays outdoors with your loved ones while being able to keep your distance and tackle the weather. 

#2. Outdoor Heaters: I feel like an outdoor heater is a good investment right now because the winter is coming and who knows how long this social distancing is going to last.

#3. Separated Seating: You may already have a few chairs and bistro tables on hand so pull them out and spread them around your yard or driveway. Don't be afraid to pull the ones out from indoors as well.

#4. Basket of Blankets and Toques: Have a basket of blankets, toques and mitts on hand for your guests and family members. Everyone has a different level of chill so it's a nice gesture to have a warm blanket at the ready.

#5. Cute Festive Masks: You can pretty much find masks anywhere these days and since it's something we have to live with we might as well have fun with it.

Don't forget your Yeti, biodegradable paper plates and Thanksgiving decorations and then you're all set. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Outdoor Thanksgiving Essentials During Social Distancing

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