Colour Trend: 50 Shades of Mad Apple

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Today we're talking all things mad apple, I know, it sounds like a cranky granny smith but did you know "mad apple" is another name for eggplant? Who knew!? Ah the eggplant, so many names so little time. Honestly guys, you could rename it crazy good cake and I still wouldn't eat it (opps is my childhood food pickiness is showing?) In any case, eggplant may not be the best thing to eat but it is a colour trend popping up in interior design again. We're talking 50 shades of mad apple; the deep purples and reds of this shade range always evoke such a sense of fall and coziness, like slowly sipping a big glass of red wine on a rainy night. Let's explore the various ways we can incorporate the colour trend of Mad Apple into our home. 

Colour Trend 50 Shades of Mad Apple 
Source: Wabi Sabi Mind 
Mad Apple, or eggplant, can take on many different shades throughout the day just by the light hitting it and changing it's deep dramatic hues. Pairing it with dark greys or fluffy golden wheat is a sure fire way to find success with this colour trend.
50 shades of map apple
So here's our take on the mad apple trend; deep floral wallpaper, eggplant pouf chairs, wine colour accents with the occasional gold and mahogany accessories to pull the space together. 
colour trend 50 shades of mad apple
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How to Incorporate the Look: 

An easy way to incorporate this look into your home without completely making over your space is to add a few deep wine accent pillows or throws. Also, with the holidays coming consider toning down the reds to these deep warm hues of the the mad apple. You'll be sure to have a very mad apple holiday!

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