Tips for Choosing a Faucet

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When renovating a kitchen or bathroom a faucet decision can carry a lot of weight. It's a bigger  decision than paint or accessories because it's more permanent and needs to last the test of time. You'll want your faucet to be classic so it has longevity but also something that works with the style of your whole home. Here are my Tips for Choosing a Faucet:

Tips for choosing a faucet

1. Style - Your home probably already has a certain style or a style that you are trying to achieve so you'll likely want to continue this into your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Delta faucets has something for every style; whether you're a traditionalist who appreciates craftsmanship and heritage details or someone with a transitional style that leans towards cleaner lines and classic looks or perhaps your style is contemporary with more simplistic modern lines, there is something for everyone. If you're not 100% of your style take the Delta Style quiz to help make it a bit clearer.

2. Finish - Today there are so many finishes available. There are silver undertone finishes like polished nickel, brushed nickel or chrome that tend to act as a neutral and are the most common. Then there are the warmer tones like champagne bronze or copper that can highlight a unique fixture. Becoming increasingly more popular are bold solids like black or white that can add a modern classic touch. How do you choose? First decide whether you would like a statement piece to act as a focal point in the space or if you would prefer for your fixtures to match the other hardware in the space like the towel bar or cabinet pulls. This tends to be the most common and safest bet. For our kitchen reno we selected the Delta Cassidy two handle faucet in a champagne bronze to match our cabinet hardware and sconces, I love the way it pairs so nicely with our navy cabinets as well.

3.  Technical Specs - These considerations are not as much fun as the previous two but are no less important. When choosing your faucets for your kitchen or bathroom be sure to confirm how many holes are in the sink and select a faucet accordingly. Check the spout height, ensure it will work in your space, that it is comfortable and doesn't bump into anything. Single verses multi-handle is another consideration, single is easier to clean but the symmetry of multi-handle is also nice. Finally for a kitchen faucet decide if you would like a pulled down sprayer or conventional handle sprayer. 

I feel that faucets and hardware are the jewellery of the kitchen and bathroom so it's important to get them just right. I hope these tips have been helpful. Stay tuned for my full kitchen reveal coming soon.

This post is in partnership with Delta Faucet Canada. All expressed opinions are my own. 

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