DIY Floating Candles

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Looking for a quick and easy last minute Halloween decor idea? Check out these DIY Floating Candles made from toilet paper rolls. Imagine opening the door to tricker-treaters in the dark with a bunch of these DIY floating candles hanging from the ceiling, very spooky.

DIY Floating Candles Instructions
Step 1: Gather your supplies, you will need; toilet paper rolls, battery-powered tea candles, fishing line, hot glue, white paint, scissors and scotch tape.
Step 2: Start by edging the top of the toilet paper rolls with hot glue and make some large drips.
Step 3: Once cooled, paint the entire toilet paper roll white.
Step 4: Place two-way tape around the tea-candle and press it into the top of the toilet paper roll (paint the top white if it's not white).
Step 5: Tape a piece of fishing line to the candle and hang it from the ceiling. Voila.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween :)

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