Girlfriend's Picnic - Upcycled Cooler

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Last week at the thrift store I picked up a bunch of great finds to host my first "girlfriends picnic". I scored some beautiful pink and peach glassware, a wicker wine purse, a floral bug net and an old blue cooler drink dispenser. Everything sort of matched except for the bright blue beverage dispenser. Which is why I was excited to partner with Rust-oleum on their Spray New Life campaign. I had a vision for this cooler and Rust-oleum made it happen proving once again everything gets better with a little love and attention (haha am I right mamas?)

Since my theme centered around a girls picnic I knew I wanted to incorporate their Rust-oleum Champagne Pink spray paint and their Pure Gold spray paint. Honestly, this project turned out so much better than I expected (I’d chalk it up to my great technique but it’s more likely the great quality spray paint). Rust-oleum’s Universal line offers one coating spray on a wide assortment of surfaces and comes in 5 different finishes, how could you go wrong?

To upcycle this drink dispenser I followed a few easy steps. First, I thoroughly cleaned the inside and out with soap and warm water. After that was dry I sprayed the entire exterior with a light coat of primer and let dry. Next I sprayed my first colour (champagne pink) and let dry. Finally I taped off the areas I wanted to protect and sprayed my last colour (pure gold).

After everything was dry I set up my girlfriends picnic table. I found all these fun elements at the thrift store and I couldn't help myself. Lately I've been loving pink or peach glassware so I loaded up  because I know I'll continue to use them plus they pair so well with my valentines day dishes I scored earlier this year.




Can you believe I found a wicker wine purse (well that's what I'm calling it) at the thrift store!? It's so cute I can see myself carrying this to my next party and them some.


I also snagged this cute bug net, total impulse purchase but I really like how pretty it is as well as functional. This set up is so cute I can't wait for my friends to see it - bring on the rose!


I love the way this project turned out and I couldn’t have done it without Rust-oleum. Honestly, if you’re a DIY’er you know the sense of accomplishment a spray paint project can provide.


And be sure to check out all the other #SprayNewLife projects. There are some great before and afters.

This post is in partnership with Rust-oleum. All expressed opinions are my own.

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