Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Now that I am a mom I can really appreciate everything my mother did for me. Not only the things she did for me but the things she gave up for me. When you become a mom you really learn to juggle your “me” time and it very often happens after the kids are in bed. Every Mother’s day I feel like I can’t do enough to show my thanks to my mom. Today, in partnership with Décors Véronneau, I’m sharing a few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

1. Faux Fern
My mom has an antique plant stand that has been passed down through the family. It sits in a dark corner in her dining room and every year she tries to nurture a fern to life but the conditions are not ideal. She ends up with a continual shower of dried up fern leaves no matter what she does (and she has a green thumb). So this mother’s day I decided to gift her a faux fern. The ferns from Décors Véronneau have all the beauty of a real fern without the added inconvenience of messy fern leaves. If you’re weary of buying an faux plant be sure to check out my tips for selecting an artificial plant.

2. Lots of Pots
Indoors or out, you can never have too many pots. As our parents get older and down size they may not have the lawn/garden they use to have so a bunch of pots can be a great substitute for a full garden plus you can move them around for the perfect conditions or look. Check out the pot selection at Décors Véronneau, such great quality and variety.


3. Fun Decor and More
If you’re looking for more ideas to spoil your mom or to give hints to your husband be sure to check out the Mother’s Day gift guide online at Decors Veronneau. So many cute ideas, such as cactus ring holders, candles or faux arrangements. Plus their shipping is fantastic so you don’t need to worry that they won’t make it on time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. Saturday Night Live said it best last year “Thanks for pretending it was easy”.


This post is in partnership with Décors Véronneau. All expressed opinions are my own.

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