How to Replace a Door Knob with No Visible Screws

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When we started our renovation project we decided to try our best to salvage as much as possible which included the doors and door knobs. The original knobs were very old but we thought a coat of paint might bring them new life. Boy was I wrong. Not only were they difficult to paint, the paint didn't look good and after about a month the paint started to wear off. Which is why I'm thrilled the Modern Handmade Home series is partnering with Schlage Canada, leader in stylish, top-grade hardware, to replace the door knobs on a few of my interior doors. Honestly the toughest part of replacing my knobs was removing the old ones, the paint had glued them to the door and the original knobs had no visible screws. So today I'm sharing how to replace a door knob with no visible screws.

So here is a photo of the original knob with our horrible paint job (can you guess why this diy never made it to the blog lol). There were two knobs I decided to replace; one in my basement bathroom and one on the closet in my upstairs bathroom.

For the basement I selected the classic look of the Bowery Knob with Greyson trim in matte black with lock. I love the classic look of this knob and it has a great weight to it which speaks to the quality of the hardware. I started by taking off the original knob. If you've never done this before, be warned, you may spout out a few unsavoury words.  To save you the agony here's how to remove a know with no visible screws: Simply insert a flat head screw driver into the notch located somewhere around the neck of the knob, it should pull off from there. Once I got the original knob off installing the Schlage knob was fairly easy (the instructions provided were super helpful).  I inserted the new latch and screwed on the new latch plate. Then I took the exterior half of the knob (the one with the spindle), pushed it through the latch and adhered it to the back half of the knob with the mounting screws.

How to Replace a Door Knob with No Visible Screws

I've got a fun video as well if you're not interested in reading.

As a special treat, because I love you guys, here is the before and after of this bathroom, this new door knob is the last piece of the puzzle and icing on the cake. Can you believe the before!?
For the closet in my upstairs bathroom I wanted something really special because the closet is small and cute. I selected the Custom Alexandria Non-Turning Glass Knob with Rosewood Trim in matte black. This one was soo easy to replace. After I got the original knob off this one simply drilled right into place.

How to Replace a Door Knob with No Visible Screws

Adding new door hardware can change the whole look of a door, elevating it and updating it. Even though we didn't replace the doors, replacing the knobs has made them feel like a new door.

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This post is in partnership with Schlage Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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