One Room Challenge Fall 2017 - Week 4: Furniture Makeover

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Are you struggling to come up with ideas for the extra week in the Fall One Room Challenge? We've been given an extra week to complete this edition of the One Room Challenge due to some recent natural disasters causing shipping and distribution issues across the country. We live in crazy times people and luckily we have good people like Linda from Calling It Home to help ease the stress of it all.  I didn't necessarily need another week but I will gladly take it.

Here are some thought starters for the extra ORC week:

  • Small DIY project, 
  • Montage of your past favourite reveals
  • Tips for your first time attempting the ORC
  • Bloopers (my personal favourite)

This week I planned to hang my new Metrie Door but instead I hung some drapes from Bouclair and worked on a few smaller DIY projects.


Installing the curtain rod was super easy. I think I've done this so many times I'm an old pro. While it was easy to put up I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep it - I know, cringe.


I also updated this beautiful cabinet my dad made for me in University. I gave the baskets a darker look and updated the hardware.




As a reminder, here is the original plan.


Also, to get caught up on the progress so far, you can check out Week 1 (the plan), Week 2 (painting) and Week 3 (stencil tips).
Next week I will be tackling the door - I promise.

Be sure to check out the One Room Challenge featured participants progress and the guests participants. Also, follow me on Instagram for updates and other fun stuff.

See you next week : )

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  1. Those are great ideas for extra posts! Bloopers would be great, hahaha!! I can't wait to see the door and sometimes it really helps to have an easy week!!