Top 5 Freestanding Tubs

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Do you love a freestanding tub as much as I do?  In our old home we had a beautiful Victoria + Albert freestanding tub (the most comfortable soaker tub ever). It was pretty much a part of the family, whenever we'd take a bath we'd say we were "visiting Vicki and Al".
In our new home, the master bath was renovated by the previous owners, unfortunately they kept the big eighties tub, you know the kind, clunky, jetted with a platform step. Eventually we plan to invite Vicki and Al back into our home but for now we're stuck in the eighties. So with #bathroomgoals in mind, here are my top rated soaker tubs.

Top 5 Freestanding Tubs

1. Vetralla Tub
The Vetralla Tub is one of the newest tubs from the luxury brand Victoria + Albert, it is a double ended tub with a smaller footprint (perfect for any size bathroom). The angles of the tub were designed with comfort in mind. Symmetrical and compact it's ideal for the modern bathroom where space is at a premium.

Best Freestanding Tubs - Vetralla - Victoria and Albert - Harlow and Thistle

2. Eldon Tub
The Eldon Tub is a contemporary back-to-wall bathtub. In my opinion this tub is awesome, all the pipework is hidden and it's super easy to clean and tile around.

Best Freestanding Tubs - Eldon - Victoria and Albert - Harlow and Thistle

3. Pescadero Tub
The Pescadero Tub has a unique "wave' shaped rim. The company touts this one as the perfect tub for one or two people - I like to call it the honeymoon for the home. A comfortable bathtub that is also a piece of art.

Best Freestanding Tubs - Pescadero - Victoria and Albert - Harlow and Thistle

4. Toulouse Tub
The Toulouse Tub is a deep, double ended free standing bateau tub that makes a luxurious centrepiece for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

Best Freestanding Tubs - Toulouse - Victoria and Albert - Harlow and Thistle

5. York Tub
The York Tub is a personal favourite of mine. It was the tub we had in our old home. The deep, double-ended bath is so comfortable, I can personally vouch that every soak is a spa-like experience.

Best Freestanding Tubs - York - Victoria and Albert - Harlow and Thistle

All Victoria + Albert tubs are made with an exclusive material called ENGLISHCAST®, it's a really cool material that makes each tub scratch resistant, super-strong but lightweight. If you're looking for a comfortable freestanding tub start and end your search here.

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Sponsored by Victoria + Albert (but I really love these tubs). All expressed opinions are my own.

Top 5 Freestanding Tubs - Victoria + Albert - Harlow and Thistle

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