Trendy Mirrors

The summer has really taken the wind out of me already. These boys of mine are busy - to say the least. A lot of people ask me how I manage to make my DIYs with my kids around; (1) They "help" (which generally means glue everywhere and someone crying in the end, usually me) or (2) I do it when they're in Preschool. Yes, the secret is out, let the judgement begin. My boys attend preschool part-time and I'm not ashamed of it. They love it, they're learning, they're making friends and it gives mommy a break (believe me, when your husband works weekends and you move to a new city, far from family, preschool is a life-saver).

Trendy Mirrors

Despite that, I'll admit I've been weak on the blog front lately. I think I'm suffering from bloggers block if that's a thing. To get back in the groove, I decided to write about something that has been inspiring me lately - mirrors. I'm loving the oversized ornate ones right down to the frameless shield-type mirrors. Here is my round-up of my favourite trendy mirrors of the moment (shopping list and links below).

Trendy Mirrors

2. Uttermost mirror

3. Shield mirror - Overstock

4. Lauier wall mirror - Wayfair

5. Vintage Dorothy Draper Style Mirror - Cherish

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