Tips to Hang a Picture Frame

If you caught my Instastory the other day you might have caught a glimpse of me hanging my gallery wall. I'm not sure if gallery walls are still a thing, to be honest I don't think they are, but I had my wedding photos in a gallery wall in my previous home so I felt kinda obligated to put them up here, plus they make me smile.

For a long time I struggled to hang a picture frame with a hook. It was so hard to know where to put the nail, I'd draw a line, measure, make a hole, make another hole, make another hole until and then my wall would look like Swiss cheese and my picture would be crooked. As shared on my Instastory here is my tip for hanging a picture frame. Just pull up the hook on the back of the frame (most of the time it will stay out) and rub it against the wall where you want the picture to hang. Rubbing it against the wall usually leaves a small mark on the wall where you can put the nail. If it doesn't mark the wall, try again with dark marker coloured onto the hook.

That's it. Try it for yourself. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my antics and tips.

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