DIY Gold Light - Anthropologie Hack

Were you able to guess which one of my weekly faves I'd make? I love putting the question out there and then seeing what my followers actually think I'm capable of (can you imagine if I attempted that gorgeous shield mirror. I think it would spell disaster or at the very least seven years bad luck). In the end I decided to make the gold stick chandelier - a DIY Anthropologie hack. This unique gold chandelier is a super easy and affordable DIY project. The original Gathered Glow Anthropologie light fixture is priced well above $1,000. I DIY'ed this sucker for less than $10.

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 1

Here is the original unique light fixture from Anthropologie (Gathered Glow Chandelier - Anthropologie)

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 2

Here are the items I used to make it. A lamp shade from the thrift store, hot glue, scissors, drinking straws (yes, drinking straws) and Krylon gold spray paint.

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 3

I started by glue in the straws onto the lamp shade in a organized random fashion with a general pattern going up and down. This part took a bit of time but I found that working in sections, pouring the glue on and then laying down 5 straws at a time helped speed things along.

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 5

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 7

After all the straws were glued on securely I simply spray painted the inside and outside of the lampshade gold.

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 8

I know the Anthropologie version is a chandelier but I decided to use this puppy as a cute little lamp in my office.

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 9

DIY Gold Chandelier Anthropologie hack 10

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  2. This is AMAZING!!

    How did you remove the old lamp from behind it while keeping the structure?

    1. Thanks Cassidy! I didn't remove the old lamp actually, he he, I just cut it shorter than the straws. Hope that helps :)

  3. Wow, this is literally spectactular!