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Are you thinking of a bathroom renovation? A great jumping off point is figuring out how you want it to make you feel. When I renovated my bathroom last year I knew I wanted a room that made me feel great every time I opened the door.  Now this black and white basement bathroom is my “cool” in an otherwise chaotic, sticky, toddler-filled life. See more pics here.

Wayfair Renovation Hub:
I’m not sure if many of you knew but Wayfair recently launch a Renovation Hub where consumers can purchase anything from plumbing to tile and get inspiration for their home renovations. The key areas include kitchen, bathroom, flooring tile, backyard and indoor lighting. While many of these items are not yet available in Canada I’m sure they’re coming soon so hang on tight Canucks.

Wayfair Tiles:
I was recently featured on Wayfair's blog "Floor and Wall Tile You'll Love" where I discussed my bathroom renovation along with a few other design bloggers.  If you're interested in a similar look in your home here are some great floor tile choices. Links to each below.
1. Mediterranean Equ Black 8" x 8"
2. Pelham Porcelain Mosaic Tile
3. Lima 7.75" x 7.75" Ceramic Field Tile in Blue
4. EliteTile Esamo 11.25" x 12" Glass Mosaic Tile in White
5. Arya 9.75"x9.75" Porcelain Field Tile in Black
6. EliteTile Esamo 11.625" x 12" Glass Mosaic Tile in White
7. Arquivo 4.88" x 4.88" Ceramic Field Tile in Fleur De Lis
8. Esmer Tile Natural Stone Random Sized Marble Mosaic Tile
9. Taj 8" x 8" Handmade Cement Tile in Black and White

Wayfair Renovation Award:
Today my bathroom renovation made me even happier as it won the Wayfair Renovation Award, an award given to design bloggers with an outstanding kitchen or bath renovation. Yahoo!

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