DIY Wanderlust Globe

When my eldest son was learning how to talk he would make the typical baby goo sounds. This one day he made some unusual noises that sounded like "bak-pak-nn-ah-ri-ka", my husband and I laughed and proudly said our son's first words were "Back-pack in Africa". So this little DIY Wanderlust Globe is in honour of my little adventurer to-be. Go where ever the wind takes you little man.

How to hand-paint a wanderlust globe:
If you caught my favourite finds the other day you may have guessed that I would make the hand-painted Anthropologie globe because the other items (other than the earrings) were too difficult to make in such a short amount of time. I've been seeing these wanderlust globes being used as wedding guestbooks and I love the idea. My DIY Anthropologie Inspired Wanderlust Globe is a bit smaller but the instructions would work for a larger globe guestbook as well.

Here are the things you'll need: A globe from the dollar store, some black, teal and gold acrylic paint (or a gold paint marker), gold Krylon spray paint (and possibly some primer if you want to make it more durable).

I removed the globe from the axis and spray painted the axis gold.

To hand-paint the globe I started by painting all the water black. Note, if I were making a wanderlust globe wedding guest book I would probably prime it first to make it more durable.

Then I painted all the land teal. If you paint your own don't stress too much if the globe isn't geographically accurate - it's for show not for education. I did a few coats of each colour for good coverage.

I hand painted the names of the continents and oceans in gold. Note, this would have been easier with a gold paint marker. Then I sprayed the entire thing with a clear sealer.

I love the way this little wanderlust globe looks on my bookshelf however when I makeover my son's room it will have a new home.

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