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Have you picked-up your Father's Day gift yet? To help you out I've put together a last minute Father's Day Gift Guide from the Home Depot. You may have caught glimpses of my shopping experience on my Instastory yesterday. Like a lot of men, my husband is not super handy (he's about as handy as I am a gourmet chef), none the less there are a lot of gifts available at the Home Depot for men who are more handsome than handy.  Check out my Home Depot Father's Day gift guide below. Oh and be sure to stay tuned to the blog for my DIY Father's Day Gift later in the week (PS it uses some of the stuff below):

1. Outdoor Heater - Help him enjoy the outdoors even if it's cold.
2. Cool Stool - This multi-purpose patio seat is the perfect place to hide beer.
3. Hammock - Order this one online and place the photo in a card.
4. Sliding Miter Saw - Okay so skip this one if your man is super handsome (eg not handy at all).
5. BBQ Tool Set - A father's day staple gift.
6. Kayak - A bit expensive but this would blow his mind.
7. Portable BBQ - This is just good to have in general.

Hmm, I created a list of items to help my husband live outside? A bed, heat, a fridge, a stove... ???  Well I suppose he'll come inside if it rains.

In all seriousness, my husband is the best dad to our two little guys and we are very lucky to have him in our lives. Love you babe (too bad he won't see this until next week - he's blocked from the blog until after Father's Day).

Stay tuned for his DIY Father's Day gift later in the week.

This post is in collaboration with The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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