Father's Day "Man-Cabana"

My kids made a few cute Father's Day things at their part-time pre-school but we also wanted to do something special for him for Father's Day that would really help him relax and enjoy the day. I had the idea of a hammock because he has always wanted one. Together with the Home Depot Canada I was able to take this idea a bit further and create the ultimate "Man-cabana", kind of a summer take on the "Man-cave" (side note, I almost called this the "Man-hammock" but googling it brought up a whole lot of Speedos).

A few days ago, I posted a few Father's Day finds on the blog, some of these items were used to create this "Man-cabana". It's fairly easy to achieve, a hammock, some plants, some snacks, a cooler and some beer - the only thing missing is a TV (but I'm working on this one).

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 3Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 1

As background, I had plans to create this retreat for my husband on our new backyard patio however due to the rainy weather the patio has not been put in yet so I created this "man-cabana" on our deck which actually really works.  Here is the before pic:

And the after pics:

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 2

Father's Day Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 4

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 5

This Cool Stool is so neat. It is a cooler, a seat or a storage container - multi-purpose items like this are ideal for a backyard.

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 7

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 8

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 9

Man Cabana Home Depot Canada 10

Shopping List:
1. Cool Stool
2. Hammock
3. Cozy Seat - Plastic Pouf
4. Outdoor Pillow - Ikat Lumbar
5. Outdoor Pillow - Geometric  

I also want to give a quick shout out to my own amazing Dad - thanks for always being there for me and teaching me all the handy-stuff.

This post is in collaboration with The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions are my own.

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  1. You did a fabulous job! Looks like a wonderful place to relax.