This Week's Favourite Finds

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I'm starting a new feature on the blog, it's called my Weekly Favourite Finds (it was supposed to start yesterday but that was Mother's Day and I was busy enjoying kid-time/relaxation-time - if that's even a thing together).  The gist of my new feature is that each week I will post a collection of my current favourite things, anything from home decor, to clothing, to furniture, to books... really anything. Then, here's the kicker, later in the week I will post a DIY project attempting to hack one of the items on my list.  I'm a little excited and a little curious how long I can keep this up. So, are you ready? Here is this week's favourite finds:

1. Mirror (Wayfair Canada) - I recently saw a similar mirror at Homesense and I hinted at it to my husband for Mother's Day but it was gone (I should have put it on hold, nuts). In any case, I found this amazing one on Wayfair and it's cool that it stands up on its own.

2. Scalloped Mosaic Tile (Home Depot) - I love this scalloped mosaic tile, I used it for a previous bathroom mood board and it still has my eye.

3. White Bell Sleeve Blouse (Zara) - I don't often post fashion on the blog but sometimes it helps round-out a mood-board - Plus, I love this shirt.

4. Curtains (H&M Home) - I like the subtle shimmer of the gold flowers on these curtains.

5. Oversized Wooden Prayers Beads (SugarBook & Co) - I have been loving the trend of having these oversized beads draping over books and bowls on the coffee table and shelf.

6. Rainbow Snake Pouf (CB2) - I have a small obsession with poufs. Don't you love the name of this one. It's cute and on sale...I don't need it, I don't need it... but it's so cute.

That's it. Stay tuned for my DIY project later in the week. Can you guess which item I will recreate (this one is a bit easy but they will get harder)?

See you soon

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