DIY Large Wooden Prayer Beads

Have you noticed the trend of large wooden bead strings? Whether lying on a coffee table or draped on a bookshelf, these oversized wooden prayer beads (as they call them in retail) are becoming increasingly popular. If you caught my previous post you probably noticed these beads included in my new feature - my weekly favourite finds. In addition to posting my faves I also promised to recreate one of the faves myself each week. This week it's the wooden prayer beads.

I had some beads left over from my wooden bead chandelier I made for my laundry room makeover as part of the one room challenge. I purchased the beads from an Etsy shop called The Beaded Bead (she has tons of selection and ships really quickly). The size of these particular wooden beads is 25mm (1 inch) and I used approx 18-20 beads. The only other things you'll need for this DIY project are scissors and twine.

It's super easy. Cut some twine (about an arms length). Tie a thick knot on one end of the twine and thread the other end through each bead until you achieve your desired length. Cap it off with a knot on the other end. You could also put a DIY tassel on the ends if you're really ambitious.

That's it - probably one of the easiest DIY projects on the blog - the hardest part will be choosing your beads on Etsy.

Until next week : )

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