Knight Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Taking a small break from design blogging to give you a sneak peak into my son's 4th birthday party. Around Christmas I mentioned to my son he should start thinking of a theme for his birthday party, and after I explained what a theme was we talked about a few options. He picked "Mike the Knight" (a favourite TV show). A few days later it was my birthday, he woke me up to a great big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and before I could give him a hug he said "what's your theme?" (haha, maybe I put a little too much emphasis on birthday themes).

In any case, here are all the details of his knight themed birthday party. Complete with blue suits of armour, bejeweled milk cups, swords, shields (which eat kid got to decorate), a castle, a dragon pinata and a mike the knight cake.

My littlest guy would not sit still for a photo.

In the end all the kids enjoyed themselves and our little 4 year old Mike the Knight was super happy.

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