Mood Board - Living Room/Office - Moody Scandinavian Chic

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Sharing a mood board I recently recreated for a client. Small spaces are such a wonderful challenge. People often say think outside the box but, per Phil from Modern Family, I like to think inside the box. For me parameters are the muse to my creativity. When I learned of this client's style I was excited at the opportunity but when I learned of the dimensions of their space the possibilities became limited (again for me a fun challenge). Here is the mood board, sketches and mock-ups I put together for their space (incorporating their existing couch).

Here is the shopping list for the items above:
1. Wall organizer, Wall Print, Desk Light
2. Paint - Black
3. Floating Shelves
4. Chairs
5. Coffee Table
6. Rug
7. Floor Light
8. Pillows (most important thing - small, medium and large print)
9. Desk Chair
10. Desk (below)

The mock-ups... 

If you would like an eDesign for your space please email me at

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