#ChristmasCentral with The Home Depot Canada

I recently had the pleasure to attend Home Depot Canada's Christmas Central launch party. A little shindig where they showcase their holiday products and share the season's hottest trends. The event itself felt like Christmas, it was warm, welcoming, it smelled like Christmas and the Christmas dinner-themed food was a thoughtful and tasty touch.

I'll be the first to admit, in the past, when I thought about buying holiday decor, Home Depot was off my radar but I am a changed women! Their Christmas decor items have tons of variety and great quality.

I always struggle to try to match my wrapping paper to my decor and vice versa. Home Depot has the answer, their ribbon matches their Christmas product lines. This way you can wrap your presents in a plain paper (eg kraft paper), add Home Depot's decorative ribbon and your presents will match your holiday decor. Plus, you can save the ribbon for next year ;)

Another cool thing I learned was something called the Hayden Half tree, it's basically half a tree that you can put up against the wall and decorate - great for condos and small rooms.

My favourite set up was this rustic Christmas table centerpeice. I'm in love with the cloved oranges, moss and warm candle holders.

This cute decorative car reminded me of our pic from last years Christmas card. So cute.

Thanks again Home Depot, it was fun!

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