Halloween Door Decor and Family Costume

Happy Halloween! Sharing some of our Halloween decor and costumes on the blog today.

My son and I decorated our front door for the Masonite Doors #knockifyourdare contest. We had a lot of fun putting it together while the baby napped. We cut out a whole bunch of bats and used two-way tape to adhere them to the wall. Our favourite part is the small "boo" on the door.

This year the boys decided (well my oldest decided for the little one) that they both wanted to be dinosaurs for Halloween. It worked out great because Homesense had these amazing dinosaur costumes that were affordable and warm (we need that in the north). 

 OMG they're so cute (sorry, shameless proud-mommy moment)

And of course, here is our family costume. My husband and I dressed up as archeologists at Jurassic park. The hats are a bit off but you get the gist lol (my oldest keeps calling us cowboys haha).

Roar! Happy Halloween!

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  1. Cutest costumes, ever Andrea!! And I thought your idea were good. ☺️ Love the decor, too!