Hanging a Globe Chandelier

My husband always jokes that I'm the queen of returning things. When we shop together he says things like "let me guess, you'll buy it, bring it home, look at it a thousand times and return it". Then we laugh because it's true. I have a bit of a problem. Does anyone know if there is a "Shopaholic-Returnaholic" support group? Maybe I should start one. hmm.
In any case, I made the mistake of buying a big chandelier for our new home before we had actually moved in. While it totally fit the room the challenge was in hanging it. It didn't matter though, I was determine to make it work. This one I wasn't returning!

Here is the before pic.

I purchased the globe chandelier from Lowes (super good deal and free fast shipping - highly recommend). I was really excited! Here is a pic of my hubby testing it out.

Our biggest challenge was the electrical. There was a wall inside our attic preventing the electrician to fish power to the center of the room.

Our only solution was to put the box on the outside of the peak and swag the chandelier over to the center of the room. I was a bit bummed about the swag but in the end we barely notice it.

I love it and I'm glad we persisted to find a solution. Now the chandelier looks so good it draws attention to my sad TV cabinet that needs some love. Stay tuned.

Before and After.

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