6 Unique Parent and Baby Costume Ideas

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Now that it's October it's time to start thinking of Halloween costumes. I know it was only last year but I miss baby costumes. They are the cutest thing ever - am I right!? They're even cuter coupled with a well thought out family costume. I think the best way to make a parent baby costume is to find the cutest baby costume and work from there. And, if your husband is anything like mine, you have the additional hurdle to find an easy no nonsense costume that he'll actually wear (my husband isn't a huge fan of getting dressed up at least not now at this age and not without beer pong). With that in mind, I put together a list of 6 unique parent baby costume ideas that are easy for the parents and super cute! PS - two of them may be mine lol

2. Lion Tamers and Baby Lion. Baby Lion Cub Costume Found here.

3. Lobster Dinner (chefs with baby lobster). Baby Lobster Costume found here.

4. Lions, Tigers and Bears - Oh My! Baby Lion and Baby Tiger costumes found here.

5. Star Wars with Baby ewoks. Baby ewok costumes found here.

6. Amazing Race Contestants with Baby Travelocity Gnome. Baby Gnome Costume found here.

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