DIY Plastic Animal Party Hats - Woodland Themed Party

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I think I mentioned in a previous post that the theme for my son's first birthday was woodland. I thought these mini party animals would be the perfect woodland birthday party decoration to sprinkle throughout the party. And while making little party hats for plastic animals may seem like a silly/tideous project for some people (eg my husband) I think they add a touch of fun & whimsy to any woodland themed birthday party (so there hubby lol).

Here are the things you'll need: paper, scissors, hot glue, mini pom poms and plastic animals. 
I also planned to wrap up some boxes as gifts strapped to the animals backs but that never happened.

 Cut out a shape similar to the shape below. The shape kinda looks like one of those Biore pore strips.
 Curl them into a hat with your index finger and thumb.

 Get ready to hot glue them together.
 Hot glue one side of the party hat to secure it.

 Use hot glue to add a mini pom-pom to the top of the party hat. This really is the icing on the cake.

 Just hot glue each completed party hat onto a mini plastic animal and you're done.

 I placed these party animals around the house in fun and unexpected places (for example the bathroom, outside, drink table etc). 
Here's a cute plastic bear with a mini yellow party hat at the drink table.

 ... and his friend the sheep

The moose made the top of the cake.

They continued to surprise and delight guests throughout the party.

More woodland themed birthday party decorations and ideas coming to the blog soon. 

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