DIY Hobo-Sack Party Favor - Woodland Themed Party

Originally called a "Bindle Sack", this carrying device stereotypically used by the sub-culture of hobos sparked my inspiration for a unique party favor. I made these hobo-sack party favors for my son's first birthday and it was the perfect compliment for his woodland themed party. Details on how to create them yourself below. Stay tuned for more Woodland themed party ideas.

 Here are the things you'll need:

 Cut your stems approx 2 ft long. 
Be sure to remove all the extra small twigs and notches. Consider sanding down the ends.

 Cut your fabric into 15"x15" squares.

Add your party favor items. I like to keep on theme so I picked-up some plastic harmonica’s, a small painting easel with paint, some wiggly bugs/frogs and stickers. I also threw in some chocolate coins.

Take two opposite corners, lie the stick in between and tie them together (hot glue the knot). 
Repeat this with the other two corners.

 Cut some thank-you tags.

Tie them to the sack and voila, c'est ca.

I struggled to display them. Originally I tried to stick them all into a large glass vase but together they looked like a big flower (not great). In the end we settled on this rustic display on a barn board crate. 
I think it worked and was on theme.

Surprisingly the kids automatically knew how to use them. 
Just goes to show - good design is always intuitive.

Stay tuned for more Woodland themed party ideas coming soon.

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