DIY Kids Quiet Book

I've been loving felt lately. It is so versatile, easy to cut, frayless and easy to hot glue. I made this quiet book for long trips or for any time I may need to keep my son occupied (eg doctor’s office waiting room, taking care of his brother etc).
I found some great examples on Pinterest and decided to take a spin on a few of my own.
I purchased approx. 10 letter size pieces of felt from the craft store. I folded up the bottom corner to the other side of the page and cut off the excess to make a perfect square page. The left over felt was the perfect size to cut out all the small details.
I cut out the details accordingly and used hot glue to adhere them (note, it’s been over a year now and the book is holding up well).
I suggest making each page individually then adhering them together (back-to-back) at the end.
Once the pages are glued back-to-back simple hammer in three grommets on each page and tread through the rings to create a book.
At first some of the activities were a little too advanced for him but he’s growing into one page at a time.

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