5 DIY Road Trip Activities for Kids

I thought this would be a good post to do right before March break with so many families making the long trek to Florida (driving or flying these tips are great).

1. Tin Foil Snack Balls – Cut approx 20 4x4” squares of tin foil, fill each square with a different snack (a select few with something fun), crumple up the snacks in to a tin foil ball and put them all into a large zip lock bag. While on the road throw back a snack ball every half-hour or so. The kids will love them because it's like opening a present.

2. Cookie Tin Magnet Activity Board – Pick-up some magnets and little toys or letters from the dollar store. Glue the magnets on the bottom of the toys and backs of the letters. Let your little one play with them on a cookie tray so they don’t go flying.

3. Pom-poms into a Mason Jar – Perfect for little hands. If you’re worried about the mason jar breaking you could also do pipe cleaners into a pop bottle (which we did as well).

4. Cotton Ball Pick-up – Since we were travelling in the winter this was a fun one for our son. He said he was picking-up snowballs.

5. Lego Box – Get a little lunch box from the dollarstore. Hot glue one piece of flat lego onto the bottom and fill the box with smaller pieces. This box is great to take anywhere.

I kept all the activities in one box between the seats (but out of reach of little hands). I also picked-up a traveling tray, it was a bit wonky with my son’s car seat but it really helped keep things contained.
Be sure to check out my DIY Quiet Book - also a really good thing to bring in the car.
Happy travels!

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