DIY Felt Crown for Baby

Admittedly I go a bit over-the-top for first birthday's and this one is no different. For my second son's first birthday I decided on a woodland theme because it fits my little bear's personality perfectly.
I needed a cute photo for the invitation which meant I needed to do a cake smash photoshoot which meant I needed a cute felt crown as a prop - that's my mind - here's the DIY Felt Crown for baby.

 First I used the ribbon to measure my son's head circumference. 
You can also used a measuring tape.

 Then I cut a strip of felt to the length of the ribbon.

 I used newspaper to create a pattern. Make two horizontal lines and make dots 3inches apart along each of those lines. Then connect the dots in a zig zag from one line to the other.
Note, if I were to do this again I would have made the peaks closer together (perhaps 2inches).

 Fold the felt in half and cut the felt out according to the pattern.

Unfold the felt and sew the ends together.

 Then fold the crown back together and pin the peaks.

 Pull out this piece of your sewing machine.

 Sew the felt crown peaks together.

 Then sew the folded bottom as well.

 Voila. Felt shorts DIY can be found here.

More first birthday DIY's to come.

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