DIY Nursery Mobile 2

When we were putting together the nursery for our second child I knew I wanted the mobile to be a bit different (see our first DIY Nursery mobile here). Since we didn't know what gender we were having it had to be gender-neutral. I love the idea of the hoop mobiles however I couldn't swallow spending $200 on one from Pottery Barn. I was able to make this mobile for under $10.
Here are the things you will need. The most expensive piece was the stuffed sheep. I picked up these up from Indigo - they're great because they rattle.
 First, cut your yarn into strips about 2 feet long - approx 50 strips. You do this so that it doesn't become cumbersome to weave the yarn in and out of the embroidery hoop while gluing.
Glue the strips of yarn onto the embroidery hoop with your glue gun.
Thread the yarn through the stuffed sheep and attach it to the top of the embroidery hoop
Hang the embroidery hoop from the ceiling.
Attach the pom-poms. The DIY for the pom-poms can be found here.
Here's the finished product I love it.  
That's it you're done.  Kudos to "Photography by Heather" for the great Nursery pics.
PS we are thrilled to announce we had a boy! :)

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